The Story of Serendipity

Travis Burki revient, quatre ans après la sortie de son dernier album « Double Entendre », avec un EP 6 titres, « SERENDIPITY », composé et écrit en anglais. Produit et arrangé par David Keler pour le label 75Music, on y reconnaîtra le style burkien des refrains qui ne s’oublient pas. On ne sera sans doute pas surpris d’entendre que les textes, même en anglais, n’ont perdu ni en originalité ni en poésie. Puisant ses inspiration dans de vastes et divers horizons, numérologie, ésotérisme, (BURNING THE WINGS) spiritualité, yoga, littérature, poésie, les nouvelles chansons de Travis Burki n’en demeurent pas moins des hymnes accessibles, pleins d’humour (SCORPION POSITION), de variations surprenantes et rafraîchissantes et dont certaines pourront allègrement participer à l’euphorie des dance-floors (FREE, GOOD MORNING UK).
Sortie numérique de « SERENDIPITY » annoncée le samedi 29 août 2015 sur toutes les plateformes.

Travis Bürki is a french poet singer and song writer living and working in Paris. Burki published his first works in 1991 and has released more than 10 albums until now and has given plenty of concerts here and there. Now he confirms his attachment to pop songs forms and is likely to issue a new EP “Serendipity” entirely written in English. Most of his songs have catchy choruses, uplifting melodies and interesting lyrics. His fields of interests range from Numerology to architecture, poetry, theatre and teaching. Today, we have one more chance to discover who Travis Burki is. For he writes finally in English we can even unveiled his poetic universe through his new songs project “Serendipity” which is to be released on August 29th 2015. Up tempo odes to esoteric lady sang by powerful voices on keyboard lines, stories about yoga student falling in love with her teacher, being fine to let go the desire to fly, dark monumental confidence about sketchy world in Fireworks, these 6 songs, arranged by French songwritter David Keler, seem to be created between 1980 and 2015 though we sense everything is happening in the morning among the beams of sun, celebrating early life and blooming of joy.