The Quest.

Mahadev wears a yellow outfit and a hat. Ambiance starts and the story begins.

Live in Luminocity is the story of Mahadev and the Orchestral Kingdom.
Luminocitizens are said to have reached the blissful state of consciousness.
Mahadev is a yoguitarist who travels from town to town to deliver esoteric lectures.
One night, Divine Mother sends him a dream to subdue the mainstream and sail away bound to the great Luminocity.
Once there Mahadev must join the Orchestral Kingdom and perform Sattvic Music in order to realise Unity.
If he succeeds he will receive the key to the sun which opens to immortality. If he fails he will be doom to wander 3 weeks in the Kaliyuga vacation camp.
During his quest, Mahadev is to encounter many obstacles and dangers ; the swell, the darkness, the desire to fly and the above all : The Snake’s Tail.
Hopefully our hero will benefit the help of Queen Madalasananda provided he teaches her the scorpion position.
This is now the beginning of the quest.
Be Mahadev OK, safely successful on your way to Luminocity, shrine of the Orchestral Kingdom.